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Why choose Transaks?


Low fees

Our low fees are hard to beat. Compare us with competitors. With us you save more.



Millions of transactions in a short period of time proved us as a trusted payment services partner, therefore a lot of satisfied customers decided to choose our payment services.



Do your transaction in a second, scan QR code and eliminate manual processing.



Your money is safe with us and it reaches the end user on time. For the money transfer, money is available immediately after the originating transaction.

Transaks payment institution has best of payment services
offers proximity of payment services on one side and lowest fee on the other side. Which provides overall benefit for the end user.


Marko | Developer
In order to pay my bills as efficiently as possible, I started using the opportunities offered by Transaks. In this way, I avoid queues at the post office or bank, and I also use the option to pay the loan installment.

Vera | Grocery Manager
I chose Transaks because their commissions are the most competitive, so I can stand out from the competition and attract more clients.

Goran | Exchange office Manager
We chose Transaks as a payment institution because of the reliable software they use. Also, reading the invoice via the bar code reduces our order entry time so that we can serve more clients and raise the quality of the service we provide.

Nemanja | Student
My parents send me money via Transaks because that is the most practical solution for me. Due to my obligations at the faculty, I don't have time to wait in line at the post office, they have a lot of offices, and in this way I can pick up the money immediately.

Ljuba | Car registration agency
It is very easy to work with, if I make a mistake, I can make a correction and I do not have to ask for a refund. I was also given the opportunity to offer clients credit card payments so that they could register their car.





Satisfied customers

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